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Anti-Crisis Paradigms of Corporate Governance in Banks: A New Institutional Outlook

Publishing house Virtus Interpress introduces a new book on corporate governance titled "Anti-crisis paradigms of corporate governance in banks: a new institutional outlook".

The book is edited by Dr. Alexander Kostyuk, Associate Professor at Ukrainian Academy of Banking (Ukraine), Dr. Fumiko Takeda, Associate Professor of Applied Economics, University of Tokyo (Japan), Dr. Kaoru Hosono, Professor, Faculty of Economics, Gakushuin University (Japan)

Introduction to the book is written by Professor Oliver Williamson, a Nobel Prize winner 2009.

The authors paid attention to the corporate governance practices the banks exploit to overcome the financial crisis. The academic group of contributors consists of 54 experts from 25 countries of the world. The group of contributors is represented by Harold Black (USA), Matthias Köhler (Germany), Christoph Van der Elst (Netherlands), Raymond Lih (UK), Carlos Pobmo (Colombia), Pongsak Hoontrakul (Thailand), Anete Pajuste (Latvia), Stefan Prigge (Germany), Brunella Bruno (Italy), Kaoru Hosono, Fumiko Takeda (Japan), Canan Yildirim (Turkey), Theo Lynn (Ireland), Ambika Pati (India), David Tripe (New Zealand), Carmen Galve (Spain), Bruce Rosser (Australia), Jean Canil (Australia), Tracie Woidtke (USA), Kaoru Hosono (Japan), Alexander Kostyuk (Ukraine), Dmitriy Govorun (Ukraine), Johanna Palmberg (Sweden), Agnieszka Sliomka (Poland), Grace Liao (Taiwan), Wei Rowe (USA), José António Cadima Ribeiro (Brazil) and other experts. In the book we describe the corporate governance practices of banks from 22 countries of the world. General content of the book (for each country explored) is following:

  • Concept of CG in banks
  • Models of CG applied
  • The banking law and regulation
  • Board composition and structure
  • Anti-crisis corporate governance in banks
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