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Concept of the Journal

Corporate Ownership and Control journal is owned and managed by the publishing house "Virtus Interpress".

The editorial board of the international scientific journal “Corporate Wwnership & Control" invites authors and experts in the field of corporate governance. The major objective of the publication is the improvement of existing and development of new practices of the corporate governance and further dissemination of research results. The journal serves as an excellent platform for renowned and young researchers and practitioners to present their findings and share their experience. We are a bridge between theory and practice of corporate governance.

The major goals of the journal are:

  • adopting major concepts of corporate governance in developing countries;
  • facilitating improvement in transparency of the companies from both developed and developing countries;
  • creating incentives and promoting corporate codes and guidelines in developing countries;
  • developing efficient mechanisms for the minority shareholders’ rights protection;
  • reinventing internal and external mechanisms of corporate control.

Key-topics of the Journal:

  • Payout/dividend policy
  • Capital and ownership structure
  • Mergers, acquisitions, restructuring
  • Bankruptcy, liquidation procedures
  • Corporate social responsibility and compliance
  • Disclosure and transparency issues
  • Corporate governance in family firms
  • Corporate governance in financial institutions
  • Corporate control
  • Earnings management
  • Managerial incentives

The participation of the well-known experts in the editorial board is a guarantee of the successful formation of the publication’s transnational spirit, a contribution to the development of corporate governance research on the international scale.

The journal is published quarterly.

The journal is devoted to the problems in the corporate governance appearing as a result of both well-known "separation of ownership and control" problem and new ones such as privatization of the state property, globalization of capital market and other macroeconomic processes.

The journal is aimed at researchers, lecturers, students of educational institutions, practitioners.

Starting with 2017 the journal became an open access with two options of publication: gold (immediate) or delayed (one year embargo period) open access. In this way we pay respect to our network and provide an opportunity to our authors to publish their papers in OA. All papers published in the Journal until 2017 can be moved to open access by the request of the authors starting in January 2018.

Delayed open access is a temporary measure to be available in 2017 in order to prepare our network of authors and subscribers for the complete move towards open access in 2018. During 2017 we expect to prepare our web page to publish all papers in 2018 in the open access.

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