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Concept of the journal

Major aim of the journal

The major aim of the journal is the publishing of the papers in the field of corporate governance with a focus on corporate board issues with prior securing the high standard of quality of the papers through managing the peer and blind reviewing of the papers and further dissemination of research results to make it beneficial both for the reading audience and the reputation of the authors of the papers.

Key-topics of the journal

  • Board models
  • Directors’ duties and liabilities
  • Directors’ independence
  • Internal control
  • Board leadership
  • Board size and continuity
  • Board reporting and accountability
  • Remuneration and compensation issues
  • Conflict of interests
  • Board committees
  • Board performance
  • Gender diversity of the board
  • Board ethics
  • Board information issues
  • The board’s role in the risk governance process
  • Board of directors` strategy
  • Board policies
  • Board evaluation
  • Board decision-making process (asymmetry information issue)
  • The role of the board in the presence of shareholder activism and in the related party transactions

Frequency of publishing

The journal is published three times a year.

Reading audience of the journal

The journal is aimed at researchers, lecturers, students pursuing a research in the field of corporate governance with focus on corporate board issues.

A concept of open access

Starting with 2017 the journal became an open access with two options of publication: gold (immediate) or delayed (one year embargo period) open access. In this way we address respect to our network and provide an opportunity to our authors to publish their papers in OA.

Delayed open access is a temporary measure to be available in 2017 in order to prepare our network of authors and subscribers for the complete move towards open access by 2019.

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