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Corporate Governance in a Transition Economy

Publishing house Virtus Interpress introduces a new book on corporate governance titled "Corporate Governance in a transition economy".

The author of the book is Dr. Alexander Kostyuk, Chair in Governance at Ukrainian Academy of Banking (Ukraine). This book is a result of a five-year research conducted by the author.

The new book has 12 chapters. The book narrates on the system of mechanisms of corporate governance in Ukraine. This is a first book written about the corporate governance in a certain transition economy. The author researched 270 joint stock companies for the period between 1998 and 2004. The author investigated in details board practices, executive compensation, ownership structures, capital structures, credit structures, decision system, monitoring system, bankruptcy system, market for executives. There are unique data on the level and structure of executive remuneration in Ukraine, board committee practices.

Total number of pages is 152 (paperback).

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