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Current list of external reviewers

Review process in the Risk Governance and Control journal is fulfilled by the members of the Editorial Board as well as external reviewers who agreed to help us with their professional advice. These highly professional researchers with their advice help us to maintain widely accepted standards of the academic research and publishing. Below you will find the names of the most active reviewers who agreed to disclose their names publicly. Our team of external reviewers is not limited only to the experts mentioned below:

  • Shah Saud - Karlstad Business School, Karlstad University, Sweden
  • Angela Giovinco – Sodali, Spain
  • Olawale Fatoki - University of Limpopo, South Africa
  • Zheyao Pan - University of Queensland, Australia
  • Taeyong Kim – Naver, China
  • Pfano Mashau - University of Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa
  • Adam Samborski - Uniwersytet Ekonomiczny w Katowicach, Poland
  • Temitope Tunbi Onifade - Grenfell Campus, Memorial University, Canada
  • Sanjana Brijball - University of Kwazulu-Natal, SouthAfrica
  • Bassam Baroma - Università degli Studi di Roma Tor Vergata, Italy
  • Enzo Scannella - Università degli Studi di Palermo, Italy
  • Paul Shantapriyan - University of Tasmania, Australia
  • Turki Meshal Al-Sabah - Kuwait University, Kuwait
  • Muhammad Taimur - Institute of Management Sciences, Pakistan
  • Derek Ireland – Sympatico, Canada
  • Trinh Quoc Dat - Universite de Lille 2, France
  • Monomita Nandy - Brunel University London, UK
  • Suman Lodh - Middlesex University London, UK
  • Fredrick Odoyo - Catholic University of Eastern Africa, Kenya
  • Anupam Dutta - Experienced General Management Professional, Mumbai Area, India
  • Giuseppina Iascoviello - Researcher at the Department of Economics and Management, University of Pisa, Italy
  • Lucy Liu - University of Edinburgh Accounting and Finance, the UK
  • Valeriya Vitkova - Research Fellow at M&A Research Centre, Cass Business School, City University, the UK
  • Ja Kim - Nottingham University, the UK
  • Mario Hernandez Tinoco - Univerdity of Groningen, the Netherlands
  • Vito Mollica - Director Higher Degree Research, Senior Lecturer in Management (Accounting/Finance) MGSM, Australia
  • Laura Parisi - University of Pavia, Italy
  • Manish Gupta - Nottingham University Business School, the UK
  • Yi-Chein Chiang - Feng Chia University, Taiwan
  • Ortenca Kume - Kent Business School, University of Kent, the UK
  • Jo-Yu Wang - College of Business, Feng Chia University, Taiwan
  • Yang Yang - School of Business, Nanjing Univerty, China
  • Guanming He, Warwick Business School, the UK
  • Can Inci - Bryant University, College of Business, the USA
  • Paulo Alexandre da Rocha Armada de Campos Leite - Polytechnic Institute of Cávado and Ave, Portugal
  • Myojung Cho - Pace University, New York, the USA
  • Rania Abdelfattah - The British University In Egypt, Egypt
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