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Feedback from reviewers

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  • Dr. Laurent Cappelletti, Professor of Management Control at CNAM, France: “I confirm that the communication with the Editorial team was clear. In particular I received all the necessary information with regard to the review. To me, the review process is decent enough and the time frame devoted to the review is sufficient to perform the evaluation of the papers.”
  • Dr. Goran Kovachev, Macedonian Bank for Development Promotion, Macedonia: “It was a great pleasure to be part of the Journal of Governance and Regulation’s reviewing team. I had the honor to review excellent papers with extraordinary support of the Editorial Board. Clear and accurate requirements and on-time responses was a value-added to the Board. The anonymity of the manuscripts stresses the process objectivity which is crucial during reviewing. I would be glad if this collaboration continues in future.”
  • Dr. Brian S. Davis, Associate Professor of Finance, The Pennsylvania State University, the USA: "It was a sincere pleasure to act as a reviewer for the Journal of Governance and Regulation. As a reviewer, I found the process to be detailed in scope, with clear guidelines for a rigorous, concise and comprehensive process for evaluating manuscripts. The administrative team was always helpful in terms of support and more than reasonable expectations regarding deadlines and guidelines for the reviewer. It was a pleasure to be involved in the process and found the submissions to be of high quality. I sincere hope to be a part of the Journal going forward."
  • Dr. Valeria Stefanelli, Università del Salento, Italy: "I’m a reviewer of the Journal. I really appreciate the refereeing process, the information provided and the time granted for the evaluation of the paper.".
  • Dr. Bashar Malkawi, Dean and Professor of law, College of Law, University of Sharjah, UAE: "I have had the honor of serving as an external reviewer for manuscripts submitted to the Journal of Governance and Regulation. The review process is rigorous and meets the highest standards of professionalism. The identities of the reviewers and authors remain anonymous. The editor asks the reviewer to base his/her recommendation on whether the article presents a clear thesis and whether it provides, among other things, a meaningful contribution to the fields. I am very proud to see articles published in the journal being widely read and cited. I highly encourage researchers to consider for the Journal of Governance and Regulation for their manuscripts."
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