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Getting Your Research Published

Getting your research published in journals worldwide

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It is obviously that researchers are concerned very much how to make the research results public. Recently, conferences, research workshops, seminars give a chance to the researchers to succeed in this way. At the same time, publishing the research results as a paper is still a most powerful tool to promote the researchers and research results. The world of publishing is the world with basic standards, so called “rules in written” and researchers should know these rules. At the same time there are many rules which are rather informal and many researchers are not familiar with them. This concerns younger researchers, PhD researchers in particular, as well as experienced because the world of scientific journals publishing is changing dramatically.

The course materials “Getting your research published in journals worldwide” is about how to have the up-to-date knowledge in the field of economic journal publishing to let the younger and experienced researchers succeed in publishing their papers in the reputable journals. For example, PhD students will benefit from this course absolutely in the way of having very certain recommendations how to make the process of submission of the papers successful. The course materials give info how to choose the appropriate journals for submitting the paper, how to identify the criteria of well-matching journal, how to measure the reputation of the journal. The details of the process of paper submission will be delivered by the course materials too. And, the most shadowed issue called as “paper reviewing process” will be disclosed too.

The course materials are be based on the thirteen-year experience in publishing of Professor Alex Kostyuk, Editor-in-Chief of international referred journals Corporate Ownership and Control, Risk Governance and Control, Corporate Board, journal of Governance and Regulation. The course materials were developed with assistance of Yaroslav Mozghoviy, Dmitriy Govorun and Yulia Lapina, who are members of the editorial team of the publishing house "Virtus Interpress".

The course materials contain three presentations where we present you the details overview of the above mentioned issues.

We especially invite to purchase the course materials all those researchers who have research expertise in corporate governance, including board of directors, executive compensation, ownership, corporate control, shareholders’ rights, financial reporting, accounting, auditing, corporate social responsibility, stock market, dividend policy, risk management, investments, banking regulation and some others because the course instructor is experienced especially in publishing and editing the journals publishing the above mentioned research results.

A course: “Getting your research published in journals worldwide”


Part 1

Exploring the recent world trends and disclosing the major formal and informal rules of scholarly publishing

  • Criteria of the appropriate journal; Editorial board analysis; ranking the journals; the journal indexing; the journal abstracting; abstracting and indexing with SCOPUS, ProQuest, EconLit, IBSS, etc.; open-access to the journals; reputation of the journal

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Part 2

Paper submission and reviewing process

  • submission/acceptance fees; method of submission (online to the Editor, online into the automatic system);nature of blind reviewing; the role of Editor-in-Chief in reviewing the papers; the role of the editorial board; the role of external editors; timing of the process of reviewing; methods of the Editor’s feedback (reviewers’ comments in written and full, or in brief, or just a “table of paper evaluation”)

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Part 3

How to make your paper more cited after publishing?

  • Overview of the roles of SCOPUS, EconLin, IBSS and other databases; the policies and tools of the journals to make your paper more cited; the roles of the institutional (including university) repositories; journal copyrights and authors’ approaches to make the paper more cited after publishing.

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Part 4 (complimentary if you purchase all 3 parts)

Questions you can ask the authors of the course.

  • Are not you sure what journal is more appropriate to submit your paper? Is the journal reputable or not? How to compare the journals’ reputation and background? What to expect from the journal chosen in the context of reviewing process? How to make your paper more cited after publishing? We will answer all above questions going to tailor our advices to your recent research needs.

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