A team of Managing Editors

Kateryna Huryna Senior Managing Editor,
Managing Editor of the journals "Corporate Ownership and Control", "Corporate Board: Role, Duties and Composition", "Journal of Governance and Regulation" and "Corporate & Business Strategy Review"
Olha Lytvynenko Managing Editor of the journals "Risk Governance and Control: Financial Markets & Institutions" and "Corporate Governance and Sustainability Review" olha.lytvynenko@virtusinterpress.org
Daryna Chorna Managing Editor of the journals "Corporate Governance and Organizational Behavior Review" and "Corporate Law & Governance Review" d.chorna@virtusinterpress.org
Polina Bahmetenko Managing Editor p.bahmetenko@virtusinterpress.org
Elizaveta Kravchenko Managing Editor e.kravchenko@virtusinterpress.org
Sofiya Kotliarevska Managing Editor sofiya.kotliarevska@virtusinterpress.org