Dr. Yaroslav Mozghovyi

Journal of Governance and Regulation;
Virtus Global Center for Corporate Governance (Ukraine)

Dr. Yaroslav Mozghovyi is a Co-Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Governance and Regulation. He holds PhD in "Money, Finance and Credit".

Dr. Mozghovyi also serves a reviewer for Business Ethics: A European Review, International Journal of Business Governance and Ethics as well as for the International Journal of Financial Innovation in Banking and International Journal of Public Sector Performance Management and Journal of Business and Globalisation. Yaroslav is a member of The Society for Economic Measurement.

Yaroslav is a member of The Council of Science Editors (United States).

Dr. Mozghovyi was a visiting lecturer at Hanken School of Economics (Finland) and also delivered visiting lectures at the University of Naples II (Italy), Technical University of Freiberg, (Germany), Leuphana University L√ľneburg (Germany), ISEG Lisbon (Portugal).

Contact e-mail: mozghovyi[at]virtusinterpress.org