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  • Dr. Nilanjan Basu, Concordia University, Canada: "The Editor of "Corporate Ownership and Control" was prompt in his communications and the review process had a quick turnaround time. Overall, I had a good experience publishing with the journal".
  • Dr. Lingmin Xie, City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong: "I think the cooperation with Corporate Ownership and Control Journal is pleasant. You are very responsible for the reviewing process and the communication is efficient. I really appreciate your work. I expect more information and comments incorporated into the reviewers’ report in future submission".
  • Phi Anh, Lecturer, University of Economics, Danang, Vietnam: "I am very happy with the reviewing process as well as the communication of the Journal. I have submitted my papers to the Corporate Ownership and Control Journal and then, I quickly received the response from the Editor to let me know that my paper is reviewing in 6 to 7 weeks".
  • Rui P. N. Santos, author of “The Dynamics of Deflation in a Growing Economy”: “My interaction with the journal was very easy - editor and general staff were always very solicitous and with rapid answers. A very clear deadline was established for the subimission of the paper in case this were to be published in the next issue and a average reviewing time period was also indicated at the beggining. The review by the editor happened to be very fast (although I think the editor had a first contact with the paper though an early version in SSRN) and it came with a brief report indicating a clear and objective suggestion for improvement in a part of the paper. As soon as the change was made and the paper was definitley accepted for publication I was sent a formal letter of acceptance by the Journal saying that the paper were to be published in the current year. In general I can say there was an excellent cooperation with the Journal of Governance and Regulation".
  • Dr. Patrick Velte, Professor, Leuphana University of Lüneburg, Germany: “The journal "Corporate Ownership and Control" covers a broad range of relevant and current topics of international corporate governance research. The communication and reviewing process is professional and efficient. Also, the feedback from the editorial team and the reviewers is helpful and constructive for increasing the quality of the manuscript. The editorial board of the journal includes famous corporate governance researchers to guarantee an adequate quality."
  • Dr. Hassan Hafez, American University in Kuwait, Kuwait: “I really appreciate Corporate Ownership and Control since my fisrt approved publication was in it. The Journal is quite professional and efficient in communcating with authors ; reviewing process takes always reasonable time not too long not to short to make sure that the author paper is already checked. Communicating with the editorial team is very professional and contstructive especially when they receive comments in the final minute before finally publishing the paper. The referee’s report is always usefull and constructive. Editorial Team are friendly and always welcoming further comments before the final print.”
  • Dr. RH Mynhardt (Henry), Professor, University of South Africa, South Africa: “I really enjoy working with you and the journal, going back a good number of years now. The majority of my articles were published in Corporate Ownership and Control as their research focus and mine are the same. The cooperation is excellent and the feedback from the reviewers very valuable. I have the highest admiration for you as editor and the review process is efficient. I especially enjoyed my visit to Sumy. I also will continue to publish in your journals and speak at your conferences.”
  • Dr. Kyriazopoulos Georgios, Technological Educational Institution of Western Macedonia, Greece: “The communications with the Editor of the journal is the best of all the other journals I have been cooperating with. The responsiveness of the Editor is the most immediate of the other journals I have published my papers. The reviewing process was excellent and to the point. The availability of the reviewers’ report was great and clear.”
  • Dr. Virginia Bodolica, Professor, School of Business Administration, American University of Sharjah, UAE: "I have published several articles in Corporate Ownership and Control and my experience with the journal has been extremely positive. The journal has a strong editorial team and it is a well-regarded academic outlet in the field of corporate governance. The Editor of the journal is very responsive to authors’ queries while being committed to a high-level of standard of scholarly publishing. The whole publication process at Corporate Ownership and Control, starting from the initial article submission to the post-publication communication, is handled with utmost care and professionalism. As submitting authors, we are particularly sensitive to the quality of reviews we receive and turnaround times of a journal. I was very pleased to receive very constructive and useful comments from Corporate Ownership and Control reviewers within record timings, which allowed me to fully benefit from an expedited peer review process.”
  • Dr. Paolo Tenuta, University of Calabria, Italy: “Communication with the editor of the journal is fast and clear. The review process is to really improve the paper. The timing of the publication are reliable and fast. The journal site is well structured and the information is clear and real.”
  • Dr. Udo Braendle, Chair of Business and Economics Department, American University in Dubai, UAE: “Since more than 10 years I am regularly publishing in the Corporate Ownership and Control Journal. Over the years the Virtus Interpress team around Dr. Kostyuk has demonstrated encouragement, advice and support. Every individual of the team – starting with the editor - has been consistently friendly and constructive when dealing with submissions. I had extremely good communication with the editor at all stages of the process. The review process was very timely and the reviewers’ reports very helpful to further improve the quality of submitted articles. This is a top notch journal! I am so pleased to have had this experience with Virtus Interpress. Thanks for the co-operation and looking to publishing with you again!”
  • Dr. J Young, Professor, Finance, Risk Management & Banking, University of South Africa, South Africa: “I authored various articles on topics related to risk management and corporate governance in the Journal: Corporate Ownership and Control since 2008. During this time I can vouch for a professional approach by the Editor during my communication and requests. The excellent responsiveness and the increasing quality of the peer review reports regarding submitted articles for publication are two highly appreciated attributes of the Journal. Furthermore, the timeous publication of articles ensures that data is not outdated when published which could stimulate new ideas and topics for further research in order to add value to the international body of knowledge on related subjects.”
  • Dr. Galla Salganik-Shoshan Ph.D. Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Israel: “I and my co-author had a privilege to publish two of our research projects in the journal of Corporate Ownership and Control. We had a great experience working with this journal. The whole process - submission instructions provided on the journal website, a personal email from the editor confirming submission of our papers, time slot and form of review, preparation for publication process, and publication procedure, was highly professional, clear, informative, fast, and effective. Moreover, the journal editorial board has continued to keep us informed about upcoming events and conferences. We’ll definitely consider cooperation with the journal of Corporate Ownership and Control in the future, and warmly recommend collaboration with the journal to all of our colleagues.”
  • Dr. Frans Maloa, Senior Lecturer: Department of Industrial & Organisational Psychology, College of Economic and Management Sciences, UNISA, South Africa: “Thank you so much for a productive year that I have had with the journal. This year was my first year submitting papers to the journal for consideration. What impressed me most was the acknowledgement of receipt immediately after each submission. I am very proud of the status and how the journal is ranked in the world. Before I even considered submitting my papers, I checked with the list of accredited journals as per the Department of Higher Education and Training and found the journal to be amongst those listed as being the preferred journals. I then considered other international bodies such as the Australian ABDC Journal quality list and found it to be highly ranked at level B. The ranking of the Journal inspired me to include Corporate Ownership and Control as one of my highly preferred journal for publishing my manuscripts. The fact that my papers were exposed to an international audience was even more encouraging. I have received constructive feedback. I am impressed by the fact that both of my papers were peer reviewed. The turnaround for feedback is also impressive. Receiving feedback on time enabled me to plan my time accordingly. As an academic, I like to balance between tuition and research. I did not have to wait too long for feedback to be able to start on something new. I am encouraged by the fact that my topic and niche area, which is compensation, is a relevant topic for the journal. Through the journal I am able to reach both academics and members of the corporate world. But most impressively, I am able to reach an international audience. I Like the fact that the Editor checks with the author for accuracy and confirmation of content before the paper can be published. With all that being said, I would also like to see the journal continue as a quality journal that remains listed amongst the most preferred journals for publication in the South African Department of Higher Education and Training, and beyond. I would also like to take this opportunity to wish the Editor and all the support staff of the Journal the best festive season and a successful 2016.”
  • Dr. Sanjana Brijball Parumasur, Professor, College of Law and Management Studies, University of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa: The Corporate Ownership and Control journal interacts with authors extremely efficiently and effectively. The Editor acknowledges receipt of the submitted manuscript within 24 hours and informs the author of the exact review process to be followed and potential time frames for review feedback. The submitted manuscript undergoes a critical review through a blind process and constructive feedback is provided in a very collegial, courteous and developmental manner. The reviewers’ report enables the author to adjust the article taking cognizance of the feedback given, thereby leading to an improved submission for publication. The journal follows strict time frames to ensure that corrections to the article are done timeously. The reporting and publication process is undertaken in an efficient, responsible and professional manner. The developmental feedback process encourages the researcher to ensure a more coherent and polished article for publication.
  • D. Shirley Mo-Ching, Hang Seng Management College, Hong Kong: Based on my past experience in publications and engagement in international conference supported by Virtus InterPress (since 2014), I can say the service delivery of Virtus Interpress is excellent with a good academic standing. This motivates our Centre for Corporate Sustainability and Innovations (CSSI), Hang Seng Management College, Hong Kong to become a partner with them to share good practices. On-going dialogue in mutual concerned areas of the journals have been found for the benefit of the community. And, communications with the Editors of the journals are responsive and reviewing process and availability of the reviewers’ reports are of good standard.
  • Dr. Cristian Carini, Università degli Studi di Brescia, Italy - The communications with the Editor of the journal are simple and fast. The communication process is intuitive and smart Responsiveness of the Editor: the answers are clear and comprehensive. Reviewing process: the observations of the reviewer are relevant and show a good knowledge of the subject by the referee. Availability of the Reviewers ’ reports: good organization and time adjustment of the paper to the comments of the referees is reasonable.
  • Dr. Amarjit Gill, Edwards School of Business, The University of Saskatchewan, Canada: Communications with the Editor of the journal: Excellent; Responsiveness of the Editor: Excellent; Reviewing process: Excellent; Availability of the reviewers’ report: Excellent; Journal publishes a very high quality research papers. Journal has major contribution in the development and distribution of new theory.
  • Dr. Monica Veneziani, Professor, University of Brescia, Italy: The communications with the Editor of the journal are simple and particularly fast. The communication process is intuitive and smart. Responsiveness of the Editor: the answers are clear and comprehensive. Reviewing process: the observations are relevant and show a good knowledge of the subject by the referees. Availability of the Reviewers ’ reports: good organization and time adjustment of the paper, in coherence with the comments by the referees, is reasonable.
  • Dr. Mac Clouse, Professor of Finance, University of Denver, USA: My co-author, Hugh Grove, and I have been publishing in Corporate Ownership and Control since 2013. All of our interaction with the editor and his staff has been professional and helpful. They respond quickly in all of our communication and answer all our questions. It is very easy to work with everyone involved with the organization. We enjoy the journal, and the conferences, because the articles and authors are from so many different countries. We learn about ownership and control issues from all over the world. It is a compliment to the Editor and his staff that they can attract this worldwide participation to their journal.
  • Dr. Stéphanie Looser and Dr. Walter Wehrmeyer, University of Surrey, UK: We, Stéphanie Looser and Walter Wehrmeyer, published “An emerging template of CSR in Switzerland” in Corporate Ownership and Control Journal, Vol. 12 No. 3, pp. 541-560. The publishing experience was very exciting. The process was amazingly efficient and effective. The contact with the editing team was very professional. By this, we want to express our gratefulness for the good cooperation. We are looking forward to further published papers in 2016!
  • Dr. Giovanna Mariani, Associate Professor of Corporate Finance, University of Pisa, Italy: I have had the first occasion to collaborate with the team of the Corporate Ownership 3 years ago, during a conference. In this period I participated in different other conferences and I published some papers. In every situation, I revealed a positive experience. The Editor is able to react in time at every information. The review process is fast and known. Reviewers’ report contributes to refine the paper better and to reach a good level. The relation with the Journal team is very flexible, collaborative and stimulating. In the Conferences there is the opportunity to share very interesting topics and to meet excellent scholars.
    - * Dr. Tom Cronje, Professor, Curtin Business School, Australia: My experience is also from an author’s side. As author and co-author to papers submitted to the Corporate Ownership and Control Journal, we received well-structured reviewer feedback, via the editor, within a reasonably short period of time. Therefore, it serves as evidence that reviewer comments and recommendations are incorporated in editorial decisions.
  • Dr. Patricia Lindelwa Makoni, UNISA, South Africa: I began my research academic career with the Journal of Corporate Ownership and Control in 2010. The feedback that an author receives from the Editorial team is constructive criticism. We are continuously learning and growing with every article submitted due to the rigorous blind peer review process that the journal uses. Authors are kept appraised at every stage of the review process, from acknowledgement of receipt of the initial manuscript by the Editor, to the very detailed reviewers’ reports, as well as expected publication date.
  • Dr. Ghada Tayem, Department of Finance, School of Business, University of Jordan, Jordan: The communication with the editor of the journal was easy and I was updated with the turn around time for the review of my paper which was about 5-6 weeks which was well followed. The review comments were very helpful in the improvement of the paper. The editor was very good at responding to my queries. Overall, I had good experience interacting with the editor and I am happy to have our co-authored paper published in Corporate Ownership and Control journal.”
  • Dr. Umesh Sharma, University of Waikato, New Zealand: “I have published recently in Corporate Ownership and Control an article entitled "Ownership Concentration and Investment Sensitivity to Market Valuation" and I find the communication with the editor and the Journal to be timely and smooth. The Journal sets a reasonable deadline for sending back their acceptance/rejection decision and it adheres to this deadline. I made several inquiries during the decision process and they were all handled in a timely fashion. The reviewer report was constructive, clear and precise. After I responded to the reviewer comments I received the acceptance notification without delay. The editor was clear on the conditions and timing of publication and the Journal responded to all my proofreading comments. In general, I find the communication with the editor of the Journal well-ordered and the reviewing process well-organized.
  • Dr. Anupam Dutta, University of Vaasa, Finland: I have done some review process for Corporate Ownership and Control journal as well and I have tried to provide a quality report. In addition, this journal is indexed in all the sophisticated ranking systems like ABDC, ABS etc. I would, therefore, like to continue being a part of this renowned journal.
  • Dr. Mawih Kareem shaker Al Ani, Dhofar University- Sultanate of Oman, Iraq: Members in the corporate ownership and control journal are very cooperative and very helpful. You sent the response on our emails on time without any delay. Communication with the editor is effective and it has a reach information. Reviewing process is clear and efficient and the reviewer reports are accurate and in details. Really, I am very happy with you editor board and the journal.
  • Dr. Rigard J Steenkamp, Professor, Department of Operations Management, Unisa, South Africa: Thank you for personalizing the communication to contributors of your journals, journal of Governance and Regulation, and CorporateOwnership and Control. It is my experience that your journals are known for transparency in terms of review lead time and publish ability. Some journals may take months to acknowledge submissions and providing feedback to authors. Contributors do appreciate your style in terms of the editorial team summary of the reviewer’s report, the date of writing the reviewer’s report, stating the applicable journal and providing summarized notes of the reviewer and/or editor. This is positive because some institutions demand this if articles qualify for government subsidy. I therefore want to conclude by thanking you for your cooperation, clear and prompt communication with contributors and especially your responsiveness. This dimension of your service quality can be regarded as a strategic performance objective of your business. The availability of the reviewers’ report(s) is another distinct competency.
  • Dr Mohammed Naim A. Dewan, Curtin Business School, Curtin University, Australia: I was pleased to submit and resubmit my papers for publication in the “Corporate Ownership and Control journal.” The editor of the journal was very communicative and helpful regarding paper submission process and outcome. I appreciated the constructive criticisms of the Editor and the reviewers about each of my papers. On the whole, I agreed with the reviewers comments on the papers, and I was cheered to follow their specific recommendations as closely as possible in transforming my papers into good quality journal articles. After addressing each of the editor’s and reviewers’ concerns, I was promptly responded by the editor about the outcome of the decisions. I aim to submit more good quality papers in the near future for publishing in this journal.
  • Dr. Zeleke Worku, Professor, Tshwane University of Technology (TUT) Business School, South Africa: I am sending you this letter appreciation in order to express my sincere appreciation on the quality of professional services that you have provided to students and academic staff of Tshwane University of Technology (TUT) Business School in Pretoria, South Africa. We wish to thank for taking the time to complete the scientific and editorial review of research manuscripts that were submitted to the following journals on the IBSS list: Corporate Ownership and Control Journal; Corporate Board: Role, Duties and Composition Journal; Risk Governance and Control: Financial Markets and Institutions Journal; Journal of Governance and Regulation. Please keep up the good work that you have done in the past. Mr. Solomon Khale, one of my DTech students at TUT Business School, has benefited significantly from your professional leadership and mentorship in the course of working on the valuable comments and inputs that you have given him. We value and appreciate your scholarly inputs, intellectual leadership, scientific insights and technical suggestions. We will be looking forward to working with you in the year 2016.
  • Dr. Arne Nygaard, Professor, Kristiania Business School, Norway: Corporate ownership & Control is an excellent outlet for research on the effects of organizational economics, incentives, franchising, and other allied topics related to the separation of ownership and control. This journal has a world class editorial board and is ranked among prestigious finance journals in the Association of Business School (ABS)- rankings. Corporate Ownership & Control are also ranked or listed in other international journal indexes. Especially, I would like to emphasize the speed and consistency in the communication with the editor. This made the time from submission to acceptance decision and print as short as possible.”
  • Dr. Qingfu Chai, Lincoln Business School, University of Lincoln, UK: "I know Corporate Ownership and Control journal when I was studying PhD. Now, I am co-operating with this journal, so I am quite excited! The Editors are friendly and efficient! I understand other journals will take much longer time, which would make an ’opportunity cost’ for the authors to revise or absorb further advice. Also the editors report is very clear, which is very useful for the author to revise. For some of journals, I was confusing whether the paper is the authors’ work or the reviewers’ work. Overall, the editor of this journal is approachable, friendly and efficient!"
  • Dr. Michail Pazarskis Adjunct Assistant Professor Department of Business Administration Technological Educational Institute of Central Macedonia Serres, Greece: “I would like to thank you for the cooperation with the journal of the Virtus Interpress “Corporate Ownership and Control”. Throughout the submission, the revision process and till the final printing of the papers which have published (with my co-authors) at this journal, there was an excellent communication and cooperation with the Editor and the rest staff of Virtus Interpress. There was also a fast response at any issue taken place, while the reviewing process had taken place into exact time periods. Thank you one more time for the cooperation”.
  • Dr. Ibrahim Elmghaamez, University of Huddersfield, UK: "I am greatly admiring the way that has been followed by the Editor of Corporate Ownership and Control journal for submitting papers to the Journal where as some other journals are making the submission process very complicated. I also appreciate the communications and efforts exerted by the Editor of the Journal in response to the authors in short time. Moreover, the reviewers’ report was very obvious and beneficial and it has a lot of advantages which made my paper worthwhile for publishing in the Corporate Ownership and Control journal."
  • Yudha Aryo Sudibyo, PhD Student in Taxation, College of Management, Hebei University, China: "Corporate ownership and control is a journal which focus on articles quality and the journal provides a quick response from the editor. It is an every authors expectation when the articles reviewed by professional referees and meet the datelines; and they did it. Eventhough they did not use online system for paper submission, but I really appreciate regarding the completeness of reviewing process and reports."
  • Dr. Nam Phung, PhD, School of Finance, University of Economics, Vietnam: "This was the first time that I submitted my paper to Corporate Ownership and Control. The reponse was quickly. The reviewing process was clear and feedbacks were helpful. This helped us to improve the paper’s content."
  • Dr. Ahmed Zemzem, PhD in Accounting, High Institute of Business Studies of Sousse, Tunisia: "I’m so pleased to work with Corporate Ownership & Control. In particular, I was impressed by the assistance and communication with the editor. I will recommend this journal to my friends and colleague to make use of the exceptional service. My message is also to acknowledge the reviewing process. It was done in much more professional way. I was very pleased with your help and for the good editing which done with an extensive work. Thank you for the valuable and professional work".
  • Gerhard Grebe, PhD, Professor, University of South Africa: I have been publishing in the Journal Corporate Ownership and Control for the last two years. My experience thus far is a very positive one.The communications with the editor and the journal is really wonderful. I have always received timely response from Prof. Dr. Kostyuk and he makes the administrative duties involved in submitting an article for possible publication a pleasurable one. The reviewing process normally takes between 6-7 weeks which in my view is conducted in a very professional manner and provided with quality, accurate feedback. The articles which I have read from fellow academics in this journal involves academic excellence and quality, contributing the body of knowledge in their respective fields of research.
  • Dr. Ghada Tayem, PhD, Department of Finance, School of Business, University of Jordan: I have published twice in Corporate Ownership and Control and I find the communication with the editor and the staff to be timely and helpful. I beleive the Journal sets a reasonable deadline for sending back their acceptance/rejection decision and it adheres to this deadline. I made several inquiries during the decision process and they were all handled in a timely fashion. The reviewer report was constructive, clear and precise. After I responded to the reviewer comments I received the acceptance notification without delay. In general, I find the communication with the editor of the Journal well-ordered and the reviewing process well-organized.
  • Athenia Sibindi, PhD, Professor, UniSA, South Africa: I am an academic based in South Africa and wish to attest that I have been publishing my work with Virtus Journals since 2014. I have been persuaded to continue submitting my work to this group as I have received a very professional, courteous and faultless service from the Editor-in-Chief, editors of the various Journals and the professional assistants. I have been able to track the progress of my articles once submitted which also gives a peace of mind to a researcher. Their turn-around time is also commendable as one can expect feedback within eight weeks upon submission of a manuscript. Due to the nature of the rigorous blind peer review process that the Virtus group of journals undertakes, one can be assured of detailed feedback and advice on how to improve their manuscript should it be rejected. As such, I wish to unreservedly recommend this stable of Journals to any scholar who is considering publishing with them, for they can be rest assured of an excellent service.
  • Isabel Lourenço, PhD, Professor, ISCTE, Portugal: The journal has a prompt reviewing process. The Editor is always available to communicate with authors. The journal has valuable reviewer reports.
  • Marco Fazzini, PhD, Full professor of Financial Accounting, Università Europea di Roma, Italy: “I have had an opportunity to publish a paper in Corporate Ownership and Control Journal twice. In both cases I appreciated the support and the responsiveness of the Editor, who constantly updated me about the various steps of the process. The reviewing process provides a great service and is very supportive in all the phases: the suggestions are really effective and improved the quality of my paper”.
  • Halil D. Kaya, PhD, Associate Professor, Northeastern State University, USA: “My publication process with “Corporate Ownership and Control” has been smooth. The editor is always very responsive to emails; he promptly answers any questions that the authors may have. He also guides the authors throughout the whole process. I am also impressed with the referees’ constructive comments. These comments force authors to improve their paper. Also, the general quality of the papers in the journal is high. Overall, I am very satisfied with the publication process at “Corporate Ownership and Control”.
  • Gisele Mah, PhD, School of Economics & Decision Sciences, North West University, South Africa: “In relation to communication with the editor of the journal Corporate Ownership and Control, I found professionalism, timely and good communication. The editor responses to emails and do so on time. For the reviewing process, it takes time which is fine. Mine took about two months. The process to me is fine and simple to follow. In the case of the availability of the reviewers’ report, it is always made available to the author. The review comments add more value to the paper to be published. The material is read and constructive comments are made. I really find this journal good.”
  • Afzalur Rashid, PhD, School of Commerce, University of Southern Queensland, Australia: “The submission and review time of the journal ‘Corporate Ownership and Control’ is very reasonable. The editor of the journal responses author queries on time. The timely delivery and availability of review reports and needless to say the reviewers’ comments help the author to improve the quality of their papers.”
  • Evada Dewata, PhD, Politeknik Negeri Sriwijaya University, Indonesia: “Communication with the editor of the journal carried out quickly. I get a sufficient explanation for everything that I don’t understand, especially in the article submission process. There’s quickly respons for the article submission and comparing with other Scopus indexed international journals, in Corporate Ownership & Control Journal, review process of the article take no longer time. In addition, the availability of reviewer reports is quite good and clear.”
  • Dr. Matthias Baumann, HHL, Germany: "The interaction with the journal Corporate Ownership and Control and the editor was excellent. We received quick responses to all our requests. The review process was completed in a timely manner, while the feedback of the reviewers was insightful and helped to further improve the paper. . We can only recommend the journal for future publications."
  • Dr. George Ast. Drogalas, University of Macedonia, Greece: During the last years we have been cooperating with the Corporate Ownership and Control journal regarding the publishing of academic research. We are very pleased with the cooperation we had with the Editor of journal and the reviewing process. More specifically, we were impressed by the direct responsiveness of the Editor to our queries regarding publication and reviewing process. Furthermore, we were very satisfied with the quality and clarity of the review of our papers which has also enhanced the quality our research published in the journal. Finally, we highly appreciated the fact that the reviewing process was transparent as we were informed of each stage of the reviewing process. Overall, we were very pleased with the cooperation we had with Corporate Ownership and Control journal and we have recommended it to several of our academic colleagues.
  • Dr. Simone Terzani, University of Perugia, Italy: "I really appreciated the responsiveness and the fairness of the Editor of Corporate Ownership and Control Journal. I confirm that every communications with the Journal has been easy and that the reviewing process has been quick and on time.”
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