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The title of the journal reflects the oldest principle of corporate governance discovered by A. Berle and G. Means - the principle of separation of ownership and control.

New millennium has greeted the citizens of the corporate world - shareholders, executives, employees and others - with bankruptcies of Enron and other monsters of the most developed segment of the corporate world - the market of the USA. Corporate America which was seen as a model to follow has discovered a lot of disadvantages in the existing systems of corporate governance instruments. This has sufficiently inflated the trust of shareholders in the present principles and concepts of corporate governance.

From this perspective, academics and practitioners have to reconsider many economic postulates. This particularly concerns corporate governance models and major practices. Nowadays we have to reconsider or investigate more thoroughly even the postulates of the pioneers of corporate governance – A. Berle and G. Means. The corporate world, transforming very fast, is attacked by corporate scandals and bankruptcies which are the real threat to the most important principle of corporate governance - the principle of balancing shareholder (stakeholder) interests.

These postulates can be reconsidered and investigated by scholars through sophisticated research in the field of corporate governance to be beneficial for the reputation of the scholars too and contributing to the theory and practice of corporate governance.

In this context the function of periodical publications is growing rapidly as scholarly, peer reviewer journals are important for disseminating the results of the academic research worldwide and securing the quality if the research publication through a rigorous peer reviewing or the papers.

To reach these goals an international group of scholars headed by Dr. Alex Kostyuk addressed the idea of the journal to publishing house Virtus Interpress assuming a responsibility to establish a new corporate governance journal "Corporate Ownership & Control" that was finally established in May 2003.

The journal ownership

Corporate Ownership and Control journal is owned and published by the publishing house "Virtus Interpress".

Methods of journal’s finance and revenue sources

Methods of journals’ finance and revenue sources of the journal are article processing fees, subscriptions, reprints, institutional/organizational support, etc.

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