Volume 8 - 2019 Issue 3

Journal of Governance and Regulation

EDITORIAL: Corporate governance and regulation: An international outlook

Stefano Dell’Atti ORCID logo


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Human development and international migration: Lessons from low- and middle-income countries

Leonie Decrinis


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Challenges to compliance with corporate governance mechanisms and accountability in emerging markets: Evidence from Libyan listed companies

Ismail Elshahoubi ORCID logo, Fathi Eltraiki, Jamal Jaballa, Emhemed Bazina


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Testing for contagion in economic literature

Ceren Kocabas ORCID logo


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Third party ownership arrangements: Is a ban in football really appropriate?

Tim A. Herberger ORCID logo, Andreas Oehler ORCID logo, Florian Wedlich


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Financial shenanigans: The importance of anti-fraud education

Diane Jamieson , Ifedapo Francis Awolowo ORCID logo, Nigel Garrow , Joanne Winfield , Firoz Bhaiyat


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Does improved corporate political disclosure and accountability improve stock market and financial performance?

John Holcomb, Hugh Grove ORCID logo, Maclyn Clouse, Bruce Klaw


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Effectiveness of the board of directors in monitoring executive management: Preliminary evidence from Saudi Arabia

Khalid Al-Adeem ORCID logo, Ibrahim Alsogair ORCID logo


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