Virtus InterPress

Virtus Interpress

Our model
Our publishing model is built on the following pillars where we aspire to meet the expectations of Editors, external reviewers, authors, Universities, public libraries, research institutions, (...)
Our priorities
Mission Our mission is to develop the best practices of corporate governance worldwide through researching corporate governance and publishing periodicals and books on corporate governance (...)
1. 15 May, 2003 Establishing a publishing house “Virtus Interpress” 2. May 2003 Establishing a journal Corporate Ownership and Control 3. October 2004 Establishing a journal Corporate (...)
Methods of journals’ finance and revenue sources
Methods of journals’ finance and revenue sources of Virtus Interpress are article processing fees, subscriptions, reprints, institutional/organizational (...)
Booklet of the publishing house
The booklet contains detailed information about the publishing house, its network, editorial team, major activities, journals, books. The document also includes information about other services (...)
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