Volume 18 - 2020 Issue 1

Corporate Ownership and Control

The influence of capital structure on company performance: Evidence from Egypt

Amani Hussein ORCID logo


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Ownership structure and financial performance: A study of the Italian retail pharmacies

Emidia Vagnoni ORCID logo, Chiara Oppi ORCID logo, Caterina Cavicchi ORCID logo


Viewed: 88Downloads: 39

Sustaining competitive advantage through good governance and fiscal controls: Risk determinants in internal controls

Md. Jahidur Rahman ORCID logo, Rob Kim Marjerison ORCID logo


Viewed: 55Downloads: 23

How does real earnings management affect firms’ future profitability? Evidence from Jordan

Malek Alsharairi ORCID logo, Rasha Khamis ORCID logo, Mahmoud Alkhalaileh ORCID logo


Viewed: 48Downloads: 25

Impact of gender and nationality diversity on financial performance: A study of listed banks in Morocco

Mhamed Chebri ORCID logo, Abdelaziz Bahoussa ORCID logo


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Market reactions on shareholder activism through open letters

Historei Bariz ORCID logo, Dirk Schiereck ORCID logo


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CSR for emergencies: The two concepts of accountability

Christian Rainero ORCID logo, Giuseppe Modarelli ORCID logo


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Matching financial closeness with social distancing: Networking digital platforms within a corporate governance ecosystem

Roberto Moro Visconti ORCID logo, Maria Cristina Quirici ORCID logo, Mariarosa Borroni ORCID logo


Viewed: 52Downloads: 24

A profession in change: Chief financial officers’ characteristics and backgrounds in large German companies

Jan Endrikat ORCID logo, Julia Hillmann, Max Kieslich


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State-owned enterprises’ corporate governance: Evidence from a Portuguese company

Joana Andrade Vicente ORCID logo


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Corporate governance, family firms, and innovation

Brian Bolton ORCID logo, Jung Eung Park ORCID logo


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The influence of internal and external corporate governance on firm value: Evidence from STOXX® Europe 600 index members

Patrick Stender ORCID logo, Joachim Rojahn ORCID logo


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The use of Z-Score to predict UTP loans

Maurizio Dallocchio ORCID logo, Salvatore Ferri ORCID logo, Alberto Tron ORCID logo, Matteo Vizzaccaro ORCID logo


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EVA-based financial performance measurement: An evidential study of selected emerging country companies

Kushagra Goel ORCID logo, Sunny Oswal ORCID logo


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Relevance of earnings and book value: Evidence from listed pharmaceutical companies

Mwila Mulenga ORCID logo, Meena Bhatia ORCID logo


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