Volume 10 - 2020 Issue 3

Risk Governance and Control: Financial Markets & Institutions

Mutual guarantee institutions and firm’s internationalization: Empirical evidence from the Italian market

Antonia Patrizia Iannuzzi ORCID logo, Elisabetta D’Apolito ORCID logo, Simona Galletta ORCID logo


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Bi-directional grid absorption barrier constrained stochastic processes with applications in finance & investment

Aldo Taranto ORCID logo, Shahjahan Khan ORCID logo


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Governance and government debt

João Imaginário, Maria João Guedes ORCID logo


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Monetary policy shocks and stock market volatility in emerging markets

Betchani Tchereni ORCID logo, Songezo Mpini ORCID logo


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