Volume 10 - 2021 Issue 1

Journal of Governance and Regulation


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Different types of government and governance in the blockchain

Jersain Zadamig Llamas Covarrubias ORCID logo, Irving Norehem Llamas Covarrubias ORCID logo


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The level of perception, awareness, and behavior on intellectual property protection: A study of the emerging country

Le Thi Thanh Tam ORCID logo, Hoang Dinh Thai ORCID logo, Pham Thi Thanh Hai ORCID logo, Tran Diep Tuan ORCID logo, Chi Thanh Tran ORCID logo


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Auditors’ civil liability towards clients under the Jordanian law: Legal and auditing perspectives

Haitham A. Haloush ORCID logo, Hashem Alshurafat ORCID logo, Ahmad Abed Alla Alhusban ORCID logo


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An empirical taxonomy of purchasing practices in manufacturing firms in developing countries

Abdelsalam Al-Rashid ORCID logo, Rawan Al-Hiyari ORCID logo, Ghazi A. Samawi ORCID logo, Metri F. Mdanat ORCID logo, Loay Salhieh ORCID logo


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Do boards influence audit quality? A multidimensional analysis

Radhi Al-Hamadeen ORCID logo, Turki AlHmoud ORCID logo, Hasan El-Nader ORCID logo, Malek Alsharairi ORCID logo, Firas Almasri ORCID logo


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The green supply chain and sustainability performance in emerging country

Amrie Firmansyah ORCID logo, Resi Ariyasa Qadri ORCID logo, Zef Arfiansyah ORCID logo


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Tax buoyancy in Jordan: Meeting the challenge after COVID-19

Mohammad Khataybeh ORCID logo, Ghassan Omet ORCID logo, Fayez Haddad ORCID logo


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