Volume 10 - 2021 Issue 2

Journal of Governance and Regulation


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Client relationship management in banking: A case of emerging market

Mahmoud Saleh Allan ORCID logo, Nafez Nimer Ali ORCID logo, Osama Samih Shaban ORCID logo, Neveen Al-Salaita ORCID logo


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Female representation on the boards of directors of non-financial companies

Zyad Marashdeh ORCID logo, Mohammad W. Alomari ORCID logo, Mohammad Khataybeh ORCID logo, Ahmad Alkhataybeh ORCID logo


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Investigating the causal relationship between financial development and carbon emission in the emerging country

Hafnida Hasan ORCID logo, Mohammad Salem Oudat ORCID logo, Ayman Abdalmajeed Alsmadi ORCID logo, Meutia Nurfahasdi, Basel J. A. Ali ORCID logo


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Board characteristics and financial institutions’ performance: Evidence from an emerging market

Mohammed Saleh Bajaher ORCID logo, Omer Bin Thabet ORCID logo, Amer Alshehri, Fatimah Alshehri


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Does privatisation affect industries and firms’ capital structure in Europe?

Victor Barros ORCID logo, Décio Chilumbo, Joaquim Miranda Sarmento ORCID logo


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