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Anti-Crisis Paradigms of Corporate Governance in Banks: A New Institutional Outlook

Publishing house Virtus Interpress introduces a book on corporate governance titled "Anti-crisis paradigms of corporate governance in banks: a new institutional outlook".

Introduction to the book is written by Professor Oliver Williamson, a Nobel Prize winner 2009.

ISBN 978-966-96872-1-0

Authors: Alexander N. Kostyuk, Fumiko Takeda, Kaoru Hosono

Published: 2010

Number of pages: 464

Cover: hardcover

Synopsis: This book shows that there are differences in the approach to corporate governance adopted in individual countries and in the statutory provisions that underpin governance arrangements. In each instance, however, statute tends to be fixed - or relatively fixed - whereas governance practices reflected in codes tend to be more responsive to changes in approach and application. The nature of change needed to governance arrangements will vary across countries and will depend upon the extent to which behavioral shortfalls in particular companies can be said to have been a contributory factor in their finding themselves more exposed to financial shocks. The lesson from the financial crisis is that the fundamentals behind the “comply or explain” approach remain as strong as ever. The question is how best their application should evolve and whether there are changes in approach relevant to the banking industry that merit broader application.

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