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Competitive Intelligence As An Economic Phenomenon

Publishing house Virtus Interpress introduces a book that describes main practices of the intellectual capital "Competitive Intelligence as an Economic Phenomenon".

ISBN 978-966-96872-4-1

Author: Alexander Maune

Published: 2015

Number of pages: 133

Cover: paperback

Synopsis: In today`s fast-paced, high technology business environment, technological advances, competitor actions and inactions, customer and supplier intentions and behaviours, legislative activity and a host of other activities are among elements that compete for a manager`s attention on a daily basis. A manager`s ability to master all of the possible consequences of these activities will directly affect the development, growth and quality of a firm`s business and its ability to sustain its growth. The key to any successful strategy is the ability to identify, develop and sustain a competitive advantage with reference to competitors. The book deals with the relationship that exists between competitive intelligence and firm competitiveness through literature review, explores how competitive intelligence has been an important contributor of growth in banks in Zimbabwe and how the banks are making use of competitive intelligence for such growth and provides a historical overview of competitive intelligence development in South Africa.

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