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Corporate Governance: An International Outlook

Publishing house Virtus Interpress introduces a new book on corporate governance titled "Corporate Governance: An International Outlook".

ISBN 978-966-96872-2-7

Author: Alexander N. Kostyuk, Carsten Gerner-Beuerle, Rodolfo Apreda

Published: 2011

Number of pages: 401

Cover: paperback

Synopsis: This book is devoted exclusively to the international context of corporate governance. Contributors representing many countries of the world were certain about defining the most important, even critical issues of corporate governance for the countries considered. The issues which are considered in details are about ownership structures, corporate control, board of directors, director compensation, corporate law, stock market and corporate governance reforms, etc. Theoretical essentials are considered too. Conceptual aspects of corporate governance are explored with regard to the impact of corporate governance on firm performance and shareholder rights. Generally our contributors were successful in developing the agenda for making positive conclusion about the link explored. International comparison of corporate governance practices was quite detailed. Therefore, the book makes its outstanding contribution to development of the importance of corporate governance as a mechanism to improve both firm performance and protect shareholder rights.

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