4 journals of "Virtus Interpress" were moved to the rolling publishing model

At the end of last year, two journals of Virtus Interpress moved to an immediate open access publishing model on the rolling basis. This year the third journal joined the others two.

So at the moment, three journals of "Virtus Interpress" are published according to the immediate open access model on the rolling basis:

- Journal of Governance and Regulation;
- Corporate Board: role, duties and composition;
- Risk Governance and Control: Financial Markets & Institutions.

This means that the accepted papers will be published online after the successful review and acceptance. Such procedure in most cases will let us reduce the time from the submission to the publication of the paper.

The fourth journal: Corporate Ownership and Control offers the authors who choose Open Access option to publish their papers with the rolling model, straight after their acceptance.

Such model allows us to meet modern requirements of our research network for the timely publications.