A collection of papers on firm performance (Updated May 14, 2024)

The editorial team of the Corporate & Business Strategy Review journal has updated a collection of papers published in the journal dedicated to the issues of firm performance.

We hope that the below-mentioned collection of papers will be useful for those scholars pursuing research in the corporate and financial performance:

  • Alqatamin, R. M., Altawalbeh, M. A., & Shbeilat, M. K. (2024). Do the attributes of a risk management committee affect company performance? A comparative study before and after the COVID-19 pandemic [Special issue]. Corporate & Business Strategy Review, 5(1), 410–419. https://doi.org/10.22495/cbsrv5i1siart14
  • Marei, A., Ashal, N., Abou-Moghli, A., Daoud, L., & Lutfi, A. (2024). The effect of strategic orientation on operational performance: The mediating role of operational sustainability [Special issue]. Corporate & Business Strategy Review, 5(1), 346–355. https://doi.org/10.22495/cbsrv5i1siart9
  • Abdelwahed, N. A. A., Al Doghan, M. A., & Soomro, B. A. (2024). Green human resource management and environmental performance among hotels. Corporate & Business Strategy Review, 5(1), 241–253. https://doi.org/10.22495/cbsrv5i1art22
  • Hadi, H. A., & Flayyih, H. H. (2024). Analysis of the accounting financial performance of private listed banks in the emerging market for the period 2010–2022. Corporate & Business Strategy Review, 5(1), 8–15. https://doi.org/10.22495/cbsrv5i1art1
  • Arifaj, A. H., & Baruti, B. H. (2023). The effect of credit risk on the financial performance of commercial banks in Balkan countries. Corporate & Business Strategy Review, 4(3), 18–25. https://doi.org/10.22495/cbsrv4i3art2
  • Odiwo, W. O., Egielewa, P. E., Sanni, A. P., Erigbe, P. A., Atairet, A. C., Otsupius, A. I., Omoluabi, E. T., Ohioka, G., & Odion, H. A. (2023). The influence of networking on the profitability of communication firms [Special issue]. Corporate & Business Strategy Review, 4(2), 335–343. https://doi.org/10.22495/cbsrv4i2siart13
  • Faozan, A., Syah, T. A., Kusuma, H., & Adawiyah, W, R. (2023). Good corporate governance and moderating the influence of intellectual capital on the financial performance: The study of the Islamic banking industry [Special issue]. Corporate & Business Strategy Review, 4(2), 225–237. https://doi.org/10.22495/cbsrv4i2siart2
  • Debnath, P., Dey, B. K., Mazumdar, N., Das, S., & Gachuiwo, H. (2022). Demystifying the nexus between ownership structure and performance: A study of the emerging market [Special issue]. Corporate & Business Strategy Review, 3(2), 306–320. https://doi.org/10.22495/cbsrv3i2siart12
  • Konstantinidis, C., Plioska, P., Kourtesi, S., & Zografou, S. (2022). Assessing competitiveness relations as a strategy between flour milling manufacturing firms: Evidence from Greece [Special issue]. Corporate & Business Strategy Review, 3(2), 289–295. https://doi.org/10.22495/cbsrv3i2siart10
  • Krasniqi, F., Leka, S., & Jusufi, G. (2022). Crime and firm performance: Empirical evidence from the Balkan region [Special issue]. Corporate & Business Strategy Review, 3(2), 230–237. https://doi.org/10.22495/cbsrv3i2siart4
  • Nor Azhari, N. A., Hasnan, S., Mohd Sanusi, Z., Mohamed Hussain, A. R., & Al-Dhubaibi, A. A. S. (2022). Material accounting misstatements: Do managerial overconfidence, financial distress, and corporate governance practices matter? [Special issue]. Corporate & Business Strategy Review, 3(2), 198–210. https://doi.org/10.22495/cbsrv3i2siart1
  • Koutoupis, A. G., Belesis, N. D., & Kampouris, C. G. (2022). Tax and COVID-19 pandemic effects on the financial performance and risk of the hotel industry. Corporate & Business Strategy Review, 3(2), 125–137. https://doi.org/10.22495/cbsrv3i2art11
  • As Sahara, M., & Setiawan, D. (2022). The effect of ethical values on Islamic banking performance. Corporate & Business Strategy Review, 3(2), 34–42. https://doi.org/10.22495/cbsrv3i2art3
  • Sulaiman, E. A., Kasum, A. S., & Musa, W. A. (2021). Intellectual capital efficiency and market-based financial performance: Evidence from listed conglomerate companies. Corporate & Business Strategy Review, 2(2), 31–42. https://doi.org/10.22495/cbsrv2i2art4
  • Oudat, M. S. (2022). The COVID-19 pandemic and the performance of the stock exchange market: Evidence from the Bahrain Stock Exchange indexes. Corporate & Business Strategy Review, 3(1), 19–28. https://doi.org/10.22495/cbsrv3i1art2

The whole set of thematic papers collections can be viewed here.