A meeting of the VGCCG team

Today the administrative team of Virtus Global Center for Corporate Governance had a meeting to outline some strategic decisions. We think that these decisions would be interesting to our international professional network therefore we would like to make it public at the stage of its initiation.

First of all, the VGCCG team agreed to start the process of preparation to the international conference to be arranged in Spring 2016. At this stage we have several targeted Universities in Europe to reside with the conference in 2016. The final decision what University to choose will be made by us by May 25, 2015. Therefore, we are still open for any suggestion from our international network.

Second, the Center outlined certain perspective proposals in research and teaching to our strategic partners in France. The Center decided to enhance cooperation with our partnering University in Paris and we hope that this will add reputational bonuses both to the Center and the partner in France.

Third, the team of the Center approved several research topics in corporate governance to undertake with our partners in Kuwait, Qatar and UAE. This will let us compose several international research groups to work together during 2015-2016 in research.

We hope that these decisions will add even more transparency to the activity of the Center and would be beneficial to our international network.