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Accepted papers on the 9 February 2014

Here is a list of papers accepted for the conference in Milan on the 9 February 2014

  • Giuliano Bianchi "The Effect of Price Targets on the Composition of CEO Pay"
  • Hugh Grove, Maclyn Clouse "Corporate Governance Standards in Cross-Border Investing: Lessons Learned from Chinese Companies Listed in the United States"
  • Fang Ma "Corporate Governance in China: Challenges in Enforcing Directors’ Duties and Protecting Minority Shareholders’ Interests"
  • Debra Jeter, Hui Chen and Ya-Wen Yang "Pay-Performance Sensitivity before and after SOX“
  • Aleksandra Szunke “Changes in Monetary Policy after the Crisis - Towards Preventing Banking Sector Instability”
  • Mohamed Zakari ”An Analytical Study of the Effects of Audit Evidence’s Directness on Quality of Auditor’s Report”
  • Živa Skok Jezernik “Corporate governance in banking: a proposition for a unified risk and remuneration committee”
  • Ahmad Abdollahi "The Influence of Corporate Governance on the Firm Performance in Tehran Stock Exchange"
  • Daniil Wagner "Sovereign Wealth Funds: Investment Objectives and Asset Allocation Strategies"
  • Francesco Giuliani "Risk Management and Capital Structure Testing with respect to Systemic Risk"
  • Francesca Magli, Alberto Nobolo and Matteo Ogliari ”Italian Corporate Governance Rating Model: Is It Useful In Order To Test All Types Of Corporate Governance?”
  • Jonada Mamo, Ada Aliaj and Esmiralda Gjergji "Albanian Businesses Under The World Economic Crisis, Forecasting The Impact Of The New Fiscal Package 2014 And Compatibility Of Changes In Tax Legislation With EU Directives“
  • Roberto Moro Visconti "Clan Governance and Landless Social Capital: an Anthropological Stakeholdership Model"
  • Michael Maingot, Tony Quon and Daniel Zéghal “The Effect of the Financial Crisis on Risk Disclosures: A Comparative Study of U.S. and Canadian Corporations”
  • Guido Max Mantovani, Mattia Maestroni, Elisabetta Basilico "What Is Worth More For The Merit Of Credit? Evidence from the Credit System in the North Eastern Italian District”
  • Stijn De Dier “A Comparative Assessment Of The Prohibition For Shareholders To Seek Recovery For Reflective Loss In Light Of A New Typology Of Remedies: Both Ends Burning?”
  • Gina Albu "The Governance Model of the U.S. and EU after the Economic Crisis"
  • Roberta Provasi, Patrizia Riva "Women in The Boardroom. The Italian Experience: Law against Embedded Tradition”
  • Roberto Moro Visconti, Maria Cristina Quirici "The Impact of Innovation and Technology on Microfinance Sustainable Governance"
  • Ronald H Mynhardt “Universal Corporate Governance Standards: Recommendations following the Global Financial Crisis”
  • Lindrianasari, Ahmad Zubaidi Indra “Toughness of Indonesian Banking Sector Facing Global Financial Crisis 2008: Tests on Welfare of Shareholders”
  • W.J. Pienaar “The Application of Systems Analysis to Enhance the Performance of Logistic Systems in Supporting Economic Growth and Development”
  • Roberta Provasi, Patrizia Riva "Legal Account Auditing in the Corporate System of Chinese Listed Companies Relevance and Implications”
  • Udo C. Braendle “Recent developments in BRIC’s Corporate Governance with a focus on Russia – Innovation or imitation?”
  • Mauro Romano, Christian Favino “Broken Ties and Corporate Governance Changes under Uncertainty Conditions. A Longitudinal Study of the Italian Boardroom Network Evolution”
  • Yutaka Harada “Japan’s Financial Crisis in 1992 and Unbalanced Incentives”
  • Adam Samborski “Pension Fund Governance: The Polish Experience”
  • Andreas Kokkinis “Shareholder Short-termism in the UK: The Kay Review and the Potential Role of Corporate Law”
  • Themistokles Lazarides, Electra Pitoska "The European Banking System Before and After the Crises”
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