Associated Partnership with EMLE (European Master in Law & Economics)

We are glad to announce the involvement of Virtus Global Center of Corporate Governance as Associate Partner of the European Master in Law & Economics (EMLE) Consortium.

EMLE provides an experience lauded as “an outstanding educational concept” which synthesizes law and economics together into a programme that is both manageable in its structure and innovative in its design. This programme creates an atmosphere of internationality through its students and its universities, which provides both a learning experience for its scholars and a desirable trait for future employers. EMLE is forging a path in producing future lawyers and economists equipped with an interdisciplinary background ready to handle the multidimensional challenges of European and international business and law.

The EMLE programme combines high-level theoretical research and empirical studies with policy-relevant analysis. It is designed to be an influential and challenging intellectual enterprise not only for the academic world but for society at large.

To close the gap between academia and society, EMLE has established various types of collaborations with public and private research institutions, governmental bodies, law firms and consulting firms, commercial enterprises and representatives of industrial groups active in the policy arena.

From now on Virtus Global Center of Corporate Governance is also an associate partner of this programme. The full list of the EMLE partners could be found here.

We look forward to fulfilling research and academic projects together with the EMLE Consortium to facilitate knowledge in the field of corporate governance on the international scale.