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Board Prospects is the world’s largest boardroom community. BoardProspects has more than 8,000 Members from more than 70 countries across the world — representing an extraordinarily high-value constituency. The membership of BoardProspects includes chief executives and board members of Fortune 100 companies, current/former board members and c-suite executives of publicly traded companies, university presidents, corporate secretaries, former members of U.S. Congress and retired military leaders and federal judges. BoardProspects’ membership includes current board members from such companies as: Microsoft, Morgan Stanley, Procter & Gamble, Fannie Mae, E-Trade, Adidas, Gap, Jet Blue, Aetna, MassMutual, State Street, Coca-Cola, Marriott International, Xerox, Electronic Arts, Hyatt Hotels International, Avis Budget, General Motors and Bank of America.

BoardProspects is free for individuals and provides Members with the latest in boardroom news, corporate governance information and board development opportunities. Furthermore, BoardProspects serves as a tremendous board recruitment platform by providing an opportunity for: (1) individuals to effectively and discreetly set forth their value proposition to a board of directors; and (2) corporations to search for (and connect with) those candidates for potential board appointments.

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