COC journal: New feedback from the authors

Publishing House “Virtus Interpress” continues to implement its transparency policy in terms of communication with the key stakeholders – authors. This time we would like to publish new feedback of the authors who published their papers in Corporate Ownership and Control journal.

Luca Vincenzo Ballestra, University of Bologna, Italy: “Publishing with Corporate Ownership and Control was a very nice experience. The review process has been fast (for both the first and the second round); the reports of the Reviewers have been clear and focused on the content of the paper; the communication with the Editor has been prompt and fruitful; finally, the time for editing and publishing the paper (once it was accepted) has been quite fast”.

Alhashmi Aboubaker Lasyoud, PhD, FHEA, CPA, Assistant Professor of Accounting, University of Sharjah, United Arab Emirates: “I really appreciated the responsiveness of the fairness of the editor of Corporate Ownership and Control Journal. The communication with the editor is very fast after submitting my manuscript and that the reviewing process has been quick, excellent and on time, while the feedback of the reviewers was useful and constructive. I strongly recommend the journal for future publications. I am very happy to have my article published in Corporate Ownership and Control Journal".

Pietro Fera, Università degli Studi della Campania "Luigi Vanvitelli", Italy: “As for my first experience with Corporate Ownership and Control, I am very pleased with the publishing process of the Journal. The interaction with the Editorial Board was very efficient: both the Editor and the staff were prompt and clear during all steps. The review process was very careful and useful and it came with brief but clear comments for improving the paper. Overall, I would like to thanks for the cooperation and I will probably keep in touch with this Journal!”

Sung S. Kwon, Professor of Accounting, School of Administrative Studies, Faculty of Liberal Arts & Professional Studies, York University, Canada: “I am quite happy with the blind review process of the journal, ‘Corporate Ownership and Control,’ through which I could enhance the quality of my paper significantly, and the period of two and a half months for the two rounds of the review process is comparable to that of other high-quality journals. The two anonymous reviewers gave similar and dissimilar comments on my paper. Therefore, the Editor of the journal could more objectively determine the publishability of the paper because the idiosyncratic errors resulting from the use of only one reviewer could be avoided. I was also very satisfied with the speed at which the Editor (Dr Alexander Kostyuk) communicated with me in the paper submission, the review process, and the final publication arrangement. I also think his overall communications with me were very efficient and pleasant".

Lorenzo Gelmini, Dottore commercialista e revisore legale, Ricercatore di Economia aziendale Dipartimento di Studi per l’Economia e l’Impresa, Università del Piemonte Orientale, Italy: “Communications (and communications process) are clear, quick and trustworthy. The review process, also, is fast enough, authoritative and rich of valuable suggestions for the authors. All in all, the academic environment is ideal for the publication of quality works.”

More comments can be obtained here.