CoC journal: feedback from the authors

Publishing House “Virtus Interpress” continues to implement its transparency policy in terms of communication with the key stakeholders – authors. This time we would like to publish new feedback of the authors who published their papers in Corporate Ownership and Control journal.

You will find the feedback below:

  • Randy Beavers, PhD, Assistant Professor of Finance at Seattle Pacific
    University, Seattle, WA, USA
    : "Corporate Ownership and Control was very professional from start to finish. After initially submitting my paper, I heard from the editor within a few days before it was sent to an anonymous referee. Despite the submission and review occurring during the summer months, I received excellent, detailed feedback that was able to be incorporated within the piece. Upon another round of revision and closely working with the editor, the piece was ready for publication. Virtus
    Interpress was very professional in working with me on the page proofs
    and placing everything where it needed to me and addressing any of my
    concerns. Overall, I greatly appreciate working with the journal, and
    they stand out to me as an example for other journals to follow in
    terms of high quality peer review and professionalism in academia".
  • Prof. Massimo Cecchi, Dipartimento DISEI, Università di Firenze, Italy: "Communicating with the editorial team is very professional and
    efficient. The Editor acknowledges receipt of the submitted manuscript
    within 24 hours and informs the author of the exact review process.
    The reviewing process was excellent and to the point. The referee’s
    report is always useful and constructive. Editorial Team members are
    friendly and always welcoming further comments before the final print.
    The timing of the publication is reliable and fast. In short, I am
    very satisfied with the publication process at “Corporate Ownership
    and Control".
  • Dr. Muttanachai Suttipun, PhD, Professor, Prince of Songkla University
    Graduate School, Thailand
    : "The COC gives me and my team the great opportunities to the paper from developing countries as well as developed countries. High quality reviewing process and professional work of Editor-in-Chief of the journal and his staff are already showed how the COC is very good journal"".
  • Dr. Nikolaos Loukeris, Lecturer University of South Wales, Department
    of Business Administration, UK
    : "Fine communication between the Editor of Corporate Ownership and Control, clear guidelines on the journal processes, fast reactions".
  • Dr. Gagan Kukreja, Ahlia University, Bahrain: "The editorial team of COC journal is highly prompt and professional in correspondence. They understand that research findings must be published in short time so that it will not lose relevance. The blind review process is highly professional and reviewers have high expertise in their field. The reviewers’ comments improve the quality of published work in timely manner. The reviewers suggest the area for further improvements".
  • Dr. André Luiz Carvalhal da Silva, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: "The submission and review processes are very efficient and of high quality, the editorial team is very helpful during all stages from the submission until the publication of the paper".

More comments can be obtained on the relevant web pages of the journal:

- Corporate Ownership and Control