"Corporate Governance and Regulation: Outlining New Horizons for Theory and Practice"

One would have imagined that after the economic meltdown that shook the earth’s tectonic plates, corporate governance ought to have become the bible for businesses. It may be the most demanded word in business diction but has failed to arouse action because so much of it seems unreal, artificial, fake and rhetoric. Regulation and governance as well as their compromise are one of the most important targets set by regulators as well as governors. Does corporate governance influence firm performance in crisis or not? Does corporate governance have an entire potential to contribute to preventing systemic risks? What are the corporate governance standards effectively contributing to improving financial institutions? Do financial institutions need more strict regulation nowadays? Will more regulation work? Should the financial market regulation be unified worldwide? All these issues, and related ones, will be accurately explored by participants of the conference.

The 2012 conference on Corporate Governance and Regulation: Outlining New Horizons for Theory and Practice will look at "new perspectives" on how to reform regulation and corporate governance nationally and globally to minimize systemic risks and improve financial institutions as well. The best papers from the conference will be published in the special issues of Corporate Ownership and Control, and Governance and Regulation journals.