8th International conference "International Competition in Banking: Theory and Practice", Sumy, Ukraine, May 23-24, 2013

The global financial crisis has generated, and brought up new challenges in the management and regulation of the banking system. Besides, it raised the topicality of the problems existed before. Therefore the future prospects of overcoming the crisis to a large extent depend on direction of modern financial system development, and a new paradigm of banking governance building is a priority today. Probably, one of the most important issues is solving the risk minimization problem both for the whole banking system and separate banks. Perhaps, the opinions that will be delivered by the conference participants would help to address the indicated problem by answering the following questions. How the stable growth of banking sector could be reached under the process of financial markets integration? What regulatory framework should be chosen to minimize the risks in banking? What should be the essence of effective prudential supervision? What should be the role of central banks in the regulation of the banking system? What is the way to find the balance between competition and creating the effective risk management system? How should banks and other financial institutions be governed to pursue accountability, value creation and transparency?