Conference Venue

The conference will take place at the “Campus Scharnhorststraße” of the Leuphana University Luneburg. The address is: Scharnhorststraße 1, 21335, Lüneburg (see the map below).

The keynotes will be in HS5 and we have four parallel rooms for the sessions: 7.319, 7.320, 11.319, 11.320 (See the plan below).

The coffee break and lunch will be in front of the HS1/HS2 rooms.

The conference dinner will be at : Hotel Bergström, Bei der Lüner Mühle, 21335 Lüneburg, Germany.

IMPORTANT: Conference schedule will be strict because we will leave to the dinner by bus at 18.00 at Leuphana university to the bus station (14 minutes) and then walk the rest to the Hotel.

Those participants who will be late will have to take a taxi.

How to reach Leuphana university Lüneburg:

Lüneburg is located on the main travel artery between Hannover and Hamburg. Lüneburg is within the commuter zone for the Hamburg rapid transit system (HVV). To take the train from Hamburg to Lüneburg all you need is a train ticket.

Traveling from Frequency Travel Time Mo-Fr
Hamburg Every half hour 28 min 6:00-23:55
Hannover hourly 1 hour 5:00-22:30

You can find more precise information regarding schedules on the internet pages of the Hamburg Transit Association (HVV) and the KVG bus company.

Up to three buses that run along the 5001 route, stand ready at the same Lüneburg train station platform where trains from Hamburg arrive, ready to take Leuphana students either directly to the Scharnhorststraße campus in 13 minutes or via another route to serve the Rote Feld campus. The buses run according to the schedule for when lecture classes start and end.

In addition to the 5001 bus, students can also take the 5011 bus (towards Rettmer/Häcklingen) and the 5012 bus (towards Bockelsberg) to the Scharnhorststraße and Rotes Feld campuses.