Conference concept

International Conference “Corporate Governance, Accounting and Audit: Crisis Challenges” Lüneburg (Germany), November 26, 2015

Within the globalized economy, corporations are consolidating their commitment to respecting human rights, social and environmental accountability, ethical control and promoting sustainable development through their services, processes, products and relationships. Government, business and society should work together more closely to improve accountability. Corporations can achieve both maximization of profits and social responsiveness. Corporate governance, accounting and auditing are interactively connected and cooperate with each other. Auditing is very important for executives to explain fulfilling their fiduciary responsibilities to stakeholders. Auditing is not only a medium to ensure a good relationship between corporations and society in a true sense but also a social infrastructure to build up public trust as a social capital. This conference is going to gather experts in the field of corporate governance, accounting and auditing to discuss these and other important issues. It will provide a platform for academics and practitioners to analyze current challenges for corporate governance, accounting and auditing to increase the trust of society in corporation, improve the corporation performance and utility to the society in a whole.