Conference concept

International conference “Corporate and Institutional Innovations in Finance and Governance”, Paris, May 21, 2015

Some researchers characterize current stage of the economic relations development as VUCA from volatility, uncertainty, complexity и ambiguity. Traditional approaches to management, strategy and governance do not work anymore and are subject to substantial transformation and reforms. It is the task of owners and managers, governments and regulators to find out new paradigms of efficient governance, control and strategy making. Such governance issues as ownership structure, agency problem, executive compensation, internal and external audit, strategic risk management, accountability and reporting, social responsibility, M&As, board activity and structure need to be reviewed according to the recent developments. Although the essence and fundamentals of finance, management and corporate governance are still on their places, but under the pressure of overall changes of making business, technological progress, development of the research, innovations they change. It is important to trace these changes, follow regulatory developments, business practice to identify stable fundamentals in corporate governance and management practices and distinguish emerging trends that are going to occupy practitioners, regulators and academics minds in nearest future.