Report and Impressions

In this section you may find report from the conference. To download the report please follow this link.

You may find some feedback from the conference participants below:

Benjamin Hermalin, University of California, USA (key-note speaker)

The Conference was an opportunity for scholars around the world to gather and exchange ideas and research insights into corporate governance. The sessions covered important topics in the field, with particular emphases on accounting issues and the recent financial crisis. Most of the research presented was empirical or descriptive in nature, but plenary discussions and other discussions also touched on theoretical matters. Although, as with every conference, some of the research was farther along than others, the work presented was always stimulating and informative. Beyond the formal presentations, there were plenty of opportunities to share ideas during the coffee breaks, at lunch, and at a lovely dinner. I am confident that the conference will prove to have been a valuable catalyst for future research in the area, as well as future collaborations among the participants. The organizers are to be commended for their planning and for the attention they showed to various details during the conference.

Francesco Giunta, University of Florence, Italy (key-note speaker)

It was a pleasure to meet you in Rome and get acquaintend with your Organization and Link University. The Conference was organized very well. In my opinion, to take a step ahead, it is necessary to focus the conference on few specific research fields. In this way, you’ll be able to gather a small group of people really expert and interested in the topics the Conference deals with. These groups are conducive to transforming these meetings into great opportunities to create a network of relationships among researchers who work in different countries,; relationships grounded on real projects of mutual interest that should be presented and worked out during the conference.
I thank you again for having invited me e send you my best regards.

Mohamed Zakari, Tripoli University, Libya

Thanks a lot for everything that you made for us, and I am sure this conference was a very useful for me.

Patrizia Pastore and Silvia Tommaso, University of Calabria, Italy

It was a pleasure to meet you and we are grateful for make us welcome in Rome
Thank you for your precious collaboration

Thomas Wenger, University of Passau, Germany

Organization and planning was excellent. The conference website was far more informative and user-friendly than is common, according to my experience. Coffee breaks and lunch, and especially the conference dinner were well organized and excellent.
The location and the community of researchers presenting were representative of the subject, and the conference was a success in terms of its stated objectives, especially in bringing together a large variety of views from internationally highly diverse backgrounds, and highlighting the differences in challenges that the various regions face.
The large number of parallel sessions could possibly have led to the unintended outcome that some speakers had an undeservedly small audience listening to their presentations. In some of the parallel session rooms, visibility of details on the slides suffered from external circumstances and technicalities. But my impression was that the atmosphere was friendly enough to enable speakers to cope with these minor difficulties.
It is great that this series of conferences exists, and each of them proves that even much more of this kind of exchange is urgently needed. There is every sign that there is a continuous learning experience for all, and so the conference achieves the most precious outcome, in that it creates meaning.

Maha Khemakhem Jardak, University of Sfax, Tunisia

The international conference in Rome 2013 has been very good organized. It aims to bring together thoughtful thinker responsible for financial distress and effective regulation.
A great number of papers have been presented with high scientific degree.
The International conference in Rome has discussed papers from different countries: USA, Germany, Italy, Malaysia, Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Pakistan, United Kingdom…
Also, very good researchers and scholars from USA and Italy have been already invited to make talks and to help in conference success.
I would like to address my congratulations to all the conference committee members. I really appreciate their effort and hope their best success.

Ronald Mynhardt, University of South Africa, South Africa

Thank you very much for an excellent event. I really enjoyed it. I do however think that the event should not be longer than one day even if it carries on into the evening.
Send my regards to my friend Prof Alex.

Renee E. Weiss, Queens College, CUNY, USA

I wanted to tell you that I was very happy with my experience at the Rome conference. It was a great learning experience with many papers presented in areas that I am most interested in.