Conference in Rome: Titles of the Presentations

We are glad to publish first titles of the presentations that will be made at the international conference in Rome on May 26th 2016.

Researchers who are interested in the main topics of the conference are welcome to submit their manuscripts to alex_kostyuk[at] and to rome2016conf[at]

  • Dilvin Taskin - Breaking the glass ceiling: Impact of Women CEOs on Performance
  • Franklin Nakpodia - A Stakeholder Perspective of Institutional Influences on Corporate Governance Practice in Nigeria
  • Casimiro A. Nigro, Giovanni Cucchiarato - Financial Tunneling" Round II: Controlling Shareholders, the Fair Price Requirement in Takeovers, and the Role of Public and Private Enforcement
  • Andrea Sacco - Why staggering European boards in a world of destaggering?
  • Raef Gouiaa - The impact of risk management practices on firm performance
  • Marco Fazzini - Discounts and premium in business valuation” (Topic: Majority/Minority shareholder)
  • Vincenzo Bavoso - Shareholder Value, Emerging Economies and the Need to Reconcile the Corporate Objective with Sustainable and Inclusive Goals
  • Federico Rotondo - Remuneration policy in the Italian banking system: compliance with the best practices and perspectives
  • Angela Giovinco - ESG: current status and expected developments
  • Noluthando Matsiliza - Risk management and corporate governance in South Africa: the case of public enterprises
  • Tariq Tawfeeq Yousif - Past and future of corporate governance
  • Maclyn Clause, Hugh Grove - Corporate Governance and Chinese Ghost Cities; Strategic Risk Management for Enhanced Corporate Governance
  • Hassan Hafez – “Corporate Governance and Corporate social Responsibility: A case study on Egyptian Banks” or “Corporate Governance and Capital Structure: An empirical evidence on companies listed in Cairo Stock Exchange”
  • Baccouri Mouna – The determinants of Home bias
  • Alessandro Giosi - The Conflict of Interest in the M&A Operations
  • Mariangela Iannaccone - The multlple voting shares
  • Pascal Barneto - Determinants of Corporate Capital Structure
  • Aysha Ahmed – Corporate Governance Systems are inevitably converging towards a model based on Shareholder primacy and dispersed ownership
  • Shame Mugova – Corporate governance, structure and accountability as affected by national government infrastructure in developing countries
  • Anthony Nwafor – Revisiting the contractual effect of the company’s constitution in corporate operations
  • Eduardo Rivera Vicencio - Monetary Conformation of the Corporate Governmentality II The Monetary System and the Privatization Process
  • Tamta Beridze - Information technology audit in Georgia
  • Ouidad Yousfi – Gender Diversity on Board and Stock Market Liquidity: Empirical Evidence from the French market
  • Lars Hornuf, Abdul Mohamed, Armin Schwienbacher - The Economic Impact of Forming a Societas Europaea