Conference proceedings book has been released

Publishing House Virtus Interpress is happy to announce that the conference proceedings book titled "Corporate Governance: An Interdisciplinary Outlook in the Wake of Pandemic" edited by Stefania Sylos Labini, Alexander Kostyuk, Dmytro Govorun has been released.

Under the conditions of the global pandemic the proposal of new ideas, the progress in the understanding and the dissemination of knowledge could prove invaluable in overcoming the current global crisis. Therefore, this conference has contributed to the debate on the mechanisms of advancement of recent corporate governance practices.

Conference participants discussed such topics as board of directors issues, the role and functions of the CEO, the board gender diversity, the board of directors’ performance, accountability, sustainability, the role and composition of the board committees such as nomination and CSR committees, corporate governance in family firms, financial issues of corporate governance, and other corporate governance aspects.
Conference participants introduced a number of new corporate governance terms and concepts, like “sustainability incentives in executive remuneration contracts”, “isomorphism in corporate acquisitions”, or a phenomenon of “CEO narcissism”. More than 40 scholars from more than 15 countries of the world took an active part in the conference forum discussion and provided more than 300 comments with a deep analysis of the materials presented at the conference.

This conference proceedings book contains not only materials of the conference presenters but also a full list of comments generated by the conference participants during the forum discussion as well as a set of infographics with very useful statistics about the conference forum.

The conference proceedings book is Open Access, you can find detailed information about the book, read and download it here.