Conference proceedings book has been released

Publishing House Virtus Interpress is happy to release the conference proceedings book titled "Corporate governance: Theory and practice" edited by Guido Max Mantovani, Alexander Kostyuk, and Dmytro Govorun.

This conference was organized by the team of Virtus GCCG together with the Publishing House Virtus Interpress. The conference proceedings book focuses on the crucial theoretical and practical issues of current corporate governance. The presented conference materials investigate a variety of topics, including board of directors practice, gender diversity, CEO and directors’ remuneration, auditing and accounting, reporting and disclosure, family firm governance, mergers and acquisitions, sustainability, investments, earnings management, bank performance, finances, risk management, blockchain governance, etc. This conference proceedings book is a cornerstone to depict the state of the art on these critical topics.

A total of 58 authors from differents countries of the world, such as Italy, Greece, the USA, Canada, Germany, Portugal, Turkiye and others, have participated in the conference. Conference presenters and conference discussants, representing 14 countries, took an active part in the conference forum discussion and provided more than 240 comments with a deep analysis of the materials presented at the conference.

The conference proceedings book contains not only materials of the conference presenters but also a full list of comments generated by the conference participants during the forum discussion as well as a set of infographics with very useful statistics about the conference forum.

The conference proceedings book is Open Access, all conference materials will be downloaded to the platform by July 10, 2022 and will be found here.

The full conference proceedings book , that includes all the conference materials, conference forum discussion, conference infographics, conference forum discussants index, may be downloaded here.

The detailed information about the book may be found at the webpage of books released by Virtus Interpress here.