Conference updates

Dear participants, please find here final note on the conference conserning transfer to the conference venue and other practicalities

1) Unfortunately due to the personal reasons Professor Donato Masciandaro can not be present at the conference. Position of the Session chair of the Parallel session 2: FINANCIAL REGULATION will be undertaken by Kenneth Spong, Senior Economist in the Banking Research Department at the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City, the USA.

2) Due to the inability of Sébastien Lleo author of the paper named "Systemic Risk, A Problem For The Whole Of Society" to come to the conference, his presentation In Parallel session 2: Financial Regulation will be substituted by the paper named "Norms and International Standards related to reduce Risk Management: A Literature Review" by Edmundo R Lizarzaburu, Cesar Fuentes, Edgar Vivanco. The paper is available for download here.

3) The conference program was updated. Paper by Edmundo R Lizarzaburu, Cesar Fuentes and Edgar Vivanco was added. Program is available here.