Conferences of Virtus Interpress in 2016

The executive editorial team of Virtus Interpress discussed strategic issues of the conference arrangement for year 2016.

We see our mission in the development of the international research and facilitating cooperation between experts in corporate governance and related issues worldwide. International conferences serve perfectly for this purpose and are an ideal way of gathering members of our network, exchanging of important ideas, initiation of new projects.

During the meeting our team outlined possible topics and venues for future conferences in 2016. Currently we are fixing attention on spring and autumn of 2016 with conferences in Germany and Spain. When main parameters of the conferences are discussed with our partners this information will appear on the web page of Virtus Interpress before June 2015.

Meanwhile, we invite you to participate in our conferences in Paris on May 21, 2015 and Luneburg on November 26, 2015.