Cooperation with Hanken Center for Corporate Governance

We are happy to admit that cooperation established many years ago by Prof. Kostyuk, Director of the Virtus Global Center for Corporate Governance and Prof. Berglund, Director of the Hanken Center for Corporate Governance, continues.

Member of the Virtus Global Center for Corporate Governance, Dr. Yaroslav Mozghovyi will have the honor to read a short course of lectures for the students of Hanken School of Economics in April of 2016. The topic of the course is the following: “Corporate governance and corporate social responsibility in modern companies.” The course includes 5 lectures that cover different theoretical and practical issues of CG and CSR in modern companies. The description of the course is available here.

Recently Hanken School of Economics received three most renowned world accreditations for the business schools which makes it one of the top educational institutions in Europe and in the world to study business related subjects. This also makes Master Program in Corporate Governance in Hanken one of the best options for future executives and business leaders.

We would like to express our gratitude to Prof. Tom Berglund for his continuous support of our cooperation and hope that we will have an opportunity to implement many fruitful projects in the future.
To know more about the Hanken Center for Corporate Governance – visit this page.