Cooperation with the Centre for Governance and Regulation, UK

We are glad to announce about our further cooperation with the Centre for Governance and Regulation at the University of Bath, UK. Members of Virtus Global Center for Corporate Governance had cooperation with Prof. Ania Zalewska, Director of the Center at the University of Bath for many years. Prof. Zalewska was a speaker at the international conference in Helsinki in 2012 and a key-note speaker at the International conference in Nuremberg in 2014.

Prof. Alexander Kostyuk and Dr. Yaroslav Mozghovyi became associated members of the Centre for Governance and Regulation at the University of Bath, UK and two centers will cooperate on the ongoing basis. Colaboration will be fulfilled in the form of writing joint papers, books, taking part in conferences, workshops, etc.

The Centre for Governance and Regulation (CGR) is a leading academic and policy research centre combining expertise across various social sciences (accounting, economics, finance, law, management, and politics). Its objective is to build a platform to foster leading international research and develop communication for cross-disciplinary research on the design and implementation of governance and regulatory structures and forms of control that ensure that organisations are run effectively, efficiently, and lawfully.

The Centre’s mission is to:

  • inform academic and current practitioner debates through the provision of leading international academic and policy research
  • develop close collaboration between academic and business worlds to maximise the potential for cross-fertilisation.

We are sure that this cooperation will help us to develop research in the spheres of Governance and Regulation.