Cooperation with the colleagues at the Second University of Naples

We are glad that our cooperation with the very active academic team of researchers and professors from the Second University of Naples (Italy) established several years ago is continuing.

We had several very successful projects including a joint monograph edited by Prof. Pizzo and Prof. Kostyuk, visits of Prof. Moscariello, Prof. Vinciguerra, Prof. Cipullo to give lectures in Ukraine; organization of the international conference on corporate governance in Rome etc.

This time, thanks to the efforts of Prof. Pizzo, Prof. Moscariello and Prof. Vinciguerra we had an opportunity to complete another project.

Representative of the Virtus Global Center for Corporate Governance – Yaroslav Mozghovyi was invited to arrange a seminar on corporate governance and corporate social responsibility for the PhD students of the program “Entrepreneurship and innovation” in Capua (Italy).

The seminar covered theoretical concepts of the issue as well as examples from practice and overview of the burning research issues in the mentioned sphere.

We hope that our future projects with the team of our Italian colleagues will be as successful. By the way, the next project will be arranged in the form of the seminar on research methods in corporate governance with the lecturing participation of Prof. Moscariello and Yaroslav Mozghovyi. The seminar will take place in Luneburg (Germany), on November 25, 2015. For more information, please visit this page.