Corporate Governance Experts Global Repository: Update

Starting from 2016 the team of Virtus Interpress invites the authors who published in our journals and all other experts in corporate governance to join our initiative - Global Repository of Corporate Governance Experts. In this way, we provide the opportunity for corporate governance experts worldwide to be a part of the international group of scholars with similar research interests.

At the moment nearly 1000 experts from more than 65 countries joined our repository. We surely expect that the number of members of the Repository will increase.

Having a profile in the Repository the experts in corporate governance can easily find the colleagues to contact about joint projects, share ideas in research, promote personal profile to have more carrier perspectives.

We provide 2 types of permission level:
1) Basic (free of charge) – you can see limited parts of the profile (name, country and main research interests).
2) Full (20 EUR/year) – full profile of the expert is visible (including position, email, published papers, research projects, etc.).

You can pay online with the credit card, using "Pay Now" button.

We would like to address a statement that we invite all experts in corporate governance to apply for inclusion in the Repository FREE of CHARGE.

If you are interested in the inclusion of your profile into the repository please contact us at d.chorna[at]

Amount: 20 EUR

The payment can be made with credit/debit card via secure payment system provided by Ukrainian processing center. During the payment, you will probably receive an SMS from your bank with the password to confirm the transaction. The price in Euro is an oriented one. The payment will be charged in UAH according to the exchange rate of your payment card provider. Once the payment is made we will process it ASAP and our representative will contact you to deliver the service/confirm the payment.