Corporate Governance: New Challenges And Opportunities: A Book

In January 2017 Virtus Interpress initiated a new project about writing a book “Corporate Governance: new challenges and opportunities”.

Since crisis started in 2008 many challenges were addressed to the companies worldwide. Recently a corporate governance landscape faced numerous challenges and changed remarkably. 19 teams of contributors, each representing their country, will commit by describing the main issues of the corporate governance and outlining the fundamental aspects.

We would like to express the gratitude to the researchers, who has decided to devote to the formulation of the book:

  • Romora E. Sitorus and William L. Megginson from the USA
  • Raef Gouiaa, Canada
  • Fumiko Takeda, Japan
  • Germain Laurent and Emilie Bonhoure, France
  • C.L.M. Hermes, the Netherlands
  • Timurs Umans, Elin Smith and Andreas Jansson, Sweden
  • Ikäheimo Seppo, Finland
  • Doriana Cucinelli and Danilo Mascia, Italy
  • Inês Margarida Cadima Lisboa, Nuno Teixeira and Maria Clara Monteiro, Portugal
  • Georgia Kontogeorga, Greece
  • Dilvin Taskin, Turkey
  • Mark Wickham, Australia
  • Helen Roberts and Michelle Li, New Zealand
  • Norsiah Ahmad and Zalailah Salleh, Malaysia
  • Ehab Kamel Abou-Elkheir and Mohamed A. K. Basuony, Egypt
  • Harrit Satt, Morocco
  • Jimmy Agustin Saravia Matus and Sandra Gaitan, Colombia
  • Anna Tilba, the UK
  • Fadi Alkarran, Ireland

The book will be edited by Dr. Vincenzo Capizzi, Dr. Udo Braendle and Dr. Alex Kostyuk. The book will be published by November 1, 2017.

We are delightful to start this international cooperation, which will generate a valuable contribution to the scientific world.