Corporate Governance and Financial Reporting Group, JSBE (Finland)

The CGFR research group at Jyväskylä University School of Business and Economics focuses on financial accounting and auditing, corporate governance, accounting education and profession. Research focuses on issues related to:

  • accountability
  • auditing
  • corporate boards
  • financial reporting
  • IFRS
  • ethics of accounting
  • accounting history
  • accounting education and profession

Majority of research applies qualitative methodology like interpretative studies, linguisting and discourse analyses, but also studies using quantitative methodology and literature reviews are conducted. Several master’s thesis have been completed within research group as well as a doctoral theses. In addition, three doctoral theses are under work.

The corporate governance and financial reporting group is led by Professor Aila Virtanen.

Research Output

The members of the corporate governance research group have published in journals Accounting History and Journal of Management and Governance, and contributed to international conferences.

Research Areas

  • Translating of IFRS
  • Independence of Audit Committees
  • Financial Reporting Quality
  • Corporate Governance in international circumstances
  • Ethical questions of corporate boards
  • Accountability of Corporate boards
  • Good learning in accounting

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