Corporate Ownership and Control: Special Issue Editorial

We would like to remind our network about publication opportunities for the participants of the international workshop “Corporate Accountability: Major Actors, Innovative Instruments and Performance” (Paris, November 24, 2016). Authors who would like to publish a paper should declare the journal to have their papers considered for publication in Special Issues of one of them (Corporate Ownership and Control; Journal of Governance and Regulation).

Prof. Alex Kostyuk and Dr. Dmitriy Riabichenko will perform as co-editors of the Special Issue. The estimated publication timeframe is Feb-Mar 2017.

We invite the participants of the workshop to notify their intentions to publish the papers in advance. If you would like your paper considered for publication, please note that papers submitted for publication will follow an additional review process. The scientific committee will first review submissions for inclusion in the conference. Those accepted for presentation will then be forwarded to the editors for peer review and possible inclusion in the special issue of the journal.