Corporate Ownership and Control journal in MIAR

MIAR is an evaluation platform that gathers key data for identification and evaluation of journals. MIAR includes more than 28,000 publications, for each of which its presence in bibliographic databases and multidisciplinary repertoires is analyzed and as a result its Composed of Secondary Diffusion Index is calculated.

The ICDS (Composed of Secondary Diffusion Index) is an indicator that shows the visibility of the journal in different scientific databases of international scope, or otherwise in assessment repertoires periodicals. An ICDS high means that the journal is present in different information sources of international importance. For the calculation of ICDS the following criteria are established.

Corporate Ownership and Control journal published by Virtus Interpress and evaluated by MIAR has a strong tendency of rating growth since 2010.

We continuously devote our professional efforts on making journals published by “Virtus Interpress” of better quality so that authors who publish their research with us can be sure about decency of the chosen platform for presenting results of their work.