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Corporate Ownership and Control: A2 QUALIS rank upgrade!

On the edge on the new 2017 year Virtus Interpress team received a news we aspire to share among all our international network members. At the end of December QUALIS journal ranking has been updated and as a result of this update the rank of our journal Corporate Ownership and Control has been upgraded from B1 to A2. It means that all the efforts made by Virtus Interpress team during 2015-2016 have been effective as all the efforts undertaken by us during 2015-2016 have been driven by the wish to give even more benefits to our authors, readers and subscribers.

The recent decade in the world scholarly publishing calls for higher citations of the papers. Virtus Interpress team cares not only about the high-performing blind peer reviewing, fast communications with the authors, typesetting and further publishing. We take a duty to facilitate citing the papers published with us and doing so to contribute to the reputation and career outlooks of our authors. Therefore, we are absolutely happy to see that our efforts have been recognized by QUALIS!

The link to QUALIS ranking is here.

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