Corporate Social Responsibility of Virtus Interpress

Such values as honor, conscience and nobility are of the utmost importance in work and day to day life for the team of the publishing house Virtus Interpress. We believe that these values found their best incarnation in the Japanese phenomenon of Way. We also appreciate these values in other people. Especially, we are proud to declare that members of our large international professional network have the same values and we feel strong responsibility to care about these values. That’s why when we met in Sumy (a city in Ukraine where Virtus Interpress is located) a sensei Oleksandr Paschenko, a Ukrainian-born master of sword, who practices kendo and teaches adults and children essence of the Way and Bushido Code principles we understood that it is our mission to support his “dōjō” (in Japanese it means “a place of the way”). We also invite all our friends and partners all over the world who share similar interest in Japanese culture and values of the Way to join us in this initiative. We are going to support dōjō both: financially and organizationally.

Please contact us (at alex_kostyuk[at] if you have any ideas or suggestions and would like to join.

To read story of sensei Oleksandr and to view photos of “dōjō” please visit this page.