Credit Taxonomy: Biannual Report

Since June 2019 Virtus Interpress has adopted the Contributor Role Taxonomy (CRediT) within all of the journals in order to facilitate the transparency of the authors’ contribution to the work.

The CRediT responds to calls for greater transparency and recognition of author contributions and is increasingly being used to investigate authorship. It has a range of benefits which include providing visibility and recognition for researchers, supporting research and researcher evaluation, improving the ability to track the outputs and contributions, etc.

We are glad to announce that more than 140 authors whose manuscripts have been published in our journals during this period provided the contributions of their research.

The CRediT Taxonomy introduction influenced geographic growth. The papers are presented by more than 30 countries all over the world including Italy, the UK, Germany, Hungary, Greece, Spain, Portugal, and Slovenia, the USA, Canada, Australia, China, the UAE and many others.

This CRediT Taxonomy Standard is used within all the journals published by Virtus Interpress. We intend to continue publishing contributions with the final article and providing more transparency of each author’s role and responsibility.

No objections to providing the contributions on the part of the authors have been received.